Castle Hill Community Primary School
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We teach children to respect others to help them act in a way that shows they care about other's feelings and well-being 
We teach children honesty, to tell the truth and to not do things that they know are wrong
We teach children tolerance, to accept those whose race, religion, opinions, or habits are different to their own
We teach children perseverance, to use their ability and self control to encourage them to work through challenges
We teach children teamwork, to work together using each other's skills and strengths to achieve a common aim

Welcome to Castle Hill Community Primary School

Providing your child with the best possible educational journey.


All the important information you will need to know about our school.



Starting School

At Castle Hill we aim to provide your child with the best possible educational journey.

“Pupils achieve exceptionally well at Castle Hill. Since the previous inspection, pupils’ attainment and progress have strengthened significantly. Pupils are exceptionally friendly and courteous. They work hard, talk enthusiastically about their learning and listen carefully to each other’s ideas.” OfSTED 2018

News and Events

Our Summer Fayre is on Thursday 13 June at 2.30pm. You may collect your child early, or they can stay in school until normal school finish time. Below is some useful information about the afternoon. All stalls run by the school will only take tokens as payment. Business stalls and the ice cream van will
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Last month all the children were set the challenge of reading more in May than they had in April and they rose to the challenge brilliantly! The school read 2,508,373 words (more than the 2.004,081 in April) across 1,063 books- 400 more than read in April! For the first time the children achieved the school’s
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Children return to school after the half term on Monday 3 June

Year 1 enjoyed an amazing day at Brogdale, learning all about plants, the seasons and the crucial role of bees. It was an incredible day that linked perfectly to our learning in Science and we were fortunate enough to have perfect weather too. We loved exploring the wildlife, pond dipping, minibeast hunting and making insects
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Below are some photos of our most recent Reception class Play & Stay afternoon on Wednesday 15 May

Below is a letter that was recently sent to all Parents/Carers about upcoming changes to the school day.

On 17 April 2024, the whole school enjoyed a performance from Graffiti Classics, a string quartet music group as part of  Kent Music’s ‘Playground Proms’ event. The children learnt some songs to sing along to and everyone enjoyed the show!

Last month all the children were set the challenge of reading more in March than they had in February and they rose to the challenge brilliantly! The school read 2,154,016 words (more than the 1,690,557 in February) across 927 books- 200 more than read in February. Children fell just one minute short of the challenge
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At Castle Hill we aim to provide your child with the best possible educational journey; we believe very passionately that learning should be creative and enjoyable whilst enabling every child to reach their full potential. It is proven that the children in our school make good progress and this is something that we are delighted with. We have an excellent staff team that caters to the individual needs of our children and ensuring that they receive the appropriate guidance and support.

The school has been completely rebuilt, refurbished and redecorated over the last three years. As a result we have fantastic new buildings and resources that you would struggle to find anywhere else. The children learn in a spacious and comfortable environment and have access to a huge range of equipment and technology.

Your child’s education is very much a partnership, we value the input that parents can give. We place a strong emphasis on communication between home and school and we urge parents to be involved as much as possible.

Visits to the school during the day are actively encouraged. We are very proud of our school and would love you to come and see what is going on, particularly when the children are here. If you would like to have a look round, please contact us. Pete Talbot, Head Teacher